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Zelda is a member of the Coventry branch of the Cleveland Paranet who uses Tarot cards to predict and alter the world based on what was revealed. Zelda is studying to be a doctor and has a significant medical background. She is a friend of Reppa Pierce.

Spoilers! Current Info!


While the rest of the player characters were meeting up at Higher Grounds, Roberto Martinez abruptly ran off, followed by Maxwell Edison and Reppa. Zelda happened to be eating at Higher Grounds at the time and, because she didn't know them and they were acting strangely, decided to ignore what they were doing until London Deels decides to smack Allan Montgomery, who had fallen into a deep trance. This led to Zelda scolding London, starting their long running rivalry. Zelda attempted to use her Tarot cards to help break Allan's trance but it instead brought out the sun, which drove back the demon that the rest of the group was off fighting.

One Shot

Between Rituals and the One Shot, Zelda has moved to the west side and is the leader of the entire Cleveland Paranet.


Zelda is nowhere to be seen when Reppa arrives back from his trans-dimensional journey