This is the page for the Prime universe version of Roberto. For the Alpha version (Strangers) click here. Edit

Player: Jon

Aspects: Guardian of Cleveland empowered by a fallen angel



As the holder of one of the cursed denari that paid Judas to sell out Christ, Roberto has access to a fallen angel named Tarsiel that can grant him powers as long as it feels like it. Roberto uses his power to fight the evils that threaten innocents of Cleveland, however he doesn't have a very deep understanding of how these powers work or what they might cost...

At the start of the Delivery story, Roberto works for London Deels as a bodyguard. Roberto has taken on his father's gambling debts to John Renaldi and is behind on payments.

Roberto drives a rusty Chevrolet 1/2 Ton truck.


Spoilers! Current Info!


After defeating the leader of the ghouls in Cleveland's abandoned subway, Roberto became the leader of the ghouls and the Morlocks that were under the ghouls' control.

During the final battle, Roberto used his ghouls against Constance Rockefeller and allowed many of them to be destroyed. He continued to be the leader of the Morlocks.

Character Sheet as of the start of Delivery: