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The Knights of the Night are an actual play podcasting group that plays different campaigns and releases the recordings of their sessions with some audio editing to include music and sound effects. KoTN began recording their sessions in late 2010, their first recording being Shit Luck. It was played in The World Of Darkness, and was run by Scott.

Latest Episode

Episode 33 DFRPG Echoes (AP 293) Reppas On High


World of Darkness

Dresden Files (FATE)

Dungeon World


Dungeons and Dragons 5e

Clockwork Dominion

Non-Play Episodes

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The Players

Fan Creations (Spoilers Ahoy!)


  • Task Force Siren logo with leatherman. Made by Kell Ordo
  • Chu coming to terms with the results of Katie's driving
  • Dresden Files crew, as of Rituals

Videos (Link)

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