An ex-factory worker / welder from Youngstown, Ohio, John is a self-proclaimed "blue collar worker", John has the oldest motivation in the world: he's in it for the money. His employers are very interested in getting exotic samples or specimens from the field to extend their research into esoteric biology and physics and John is ready to get his hands dirty.

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Shit Luck:

After witnessing John use his powers during a fight, including claws that had been harvested from a werewolf and implanted into him by the Cheiron Group, Sidestreet Billy started to reconsider his opinion that Taskforce S.I.R.E.N. were on his side. Billy followed John back to the second safe house where he used a magical coin to bypass the magical barrier put on the place by Sister Katie O'Connor. Billy then changed into his werewolf form, killed and ate John.