Edmund Schodowski
This is the page for the Prime universe version of Edmund. For the Alpha version (Strangers) click here. Edit

Player: Jim

Aspects: Rich businessman and black court powered scion



Edmund is a black court prototype, a vampire with a soul that is able to walk under daylight without being hurt (although it does reduce his power). After years of searching for information about how he came to be, he formed the A-Amazing Detective Agency to develop contacts and status that would lead him to the answer. 

At the start of Delivery, Edmund is Maxwell Edison's employer and isn't aware of his government connections.

Shayna Randell is his secretary at the detective agency,

Spoilers! Current Info!


Between Delivery and Rituals, Edmund expands A-Amazing Detective Agency into supernatural weapons manufacturing and buys a restaurant, Higher Grounds, which he's looking to turn into a neutral grounds location.

He promotes Maxwell Edison to the position of head investigator

He obtains the Gauntlet of St Sebastian from Brother Francis.



Character Sheet as of the start of Delivery: