Heart of Flame (Download Link) Edit

A Dwarven Dawn Edit

After the dragon that has been terrorizing the land is finally killed, a group of adventurers venture into the dragon's former territory on a godly pilgrimage.

The refugees that have formed their own living areas outside of the walls of Rockfall after they fled the destruction of their lands by the dragon have been there for a hundred years and their presence is becoming a point of contention to the Dwarves of Rockfall. The refugees call their new home Threshold and most are comfortable to stay but their presence has been relatively short and recent by Dwarven standards and many Dwarves are waiting for a time when they can be sent back to where they came.


Vantesh Bodek

Dain Runehammer
"Dally" Baro Ironhearth
Thaidon Kurth

Noteworthy NPCs

Kor Ignus

Bronson Ironbeard
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