One of the two Rockefeller sisters who are major players in the supernatural scene on Cleveland. Constance runs the Cleveland Clinic group and is doing experiments to try to create better, stronger black court vampires. Her sister Abigail is also working towards helping their mother but with more of a goal of curing the vampirism.

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Before the events of Delivery, Constance had hired London Deels to track someone using a blood sample. The tracking spell resulted in a very strange reaction that London wasn't used to and he was unable to find the person the blood belonged to. London was on laying low while he tried to stay away from Constance's people after the failure.

Using her political and social power as the head of the Cleveland Clinic, Constance was experimenting using the souls of children to empower black court vampires.

It is later found out that the daughter of Bill Donovan, Megan Donovan is one of the empowered black court vampires that have been working alongside her boyfriend Crispy Bruce (not his real name) to try to find a certain child that Constance was after.

The child, Janus Lemmons has a rare genetic condition called chimerism which makes her a blend of two people, including souls. Janus was the target of the tracking spell that London was originally sent to find. Before the start of the story, Bill Donovan was sent by Constance to take Janus for her experiments but Bill had a change of heart and attacked Constance's henchmen and hid the child himself.

The party set up a deal with Constance, claiming to be giving her Janus. Their plan was to use Bill Donovan and Abigail, as well as the sewer ghouls against Constance while switching out the child during the trade off. When the trap went off, Bill Donovan used his death curse to drive Constance insane. Abigail, who wasn't told all that was going to happen to her sister, opened a gateway to the Never Never to let her sister get away. Roberto Martinez took the opportunity to attack Constance, hoping to get a final blow on her but he was unable to do enough damage to kill her.


Since she has been driven insane and sent to the Never Never, Constance has been wreaking havoc on the fae of that area. The Wild Fae Lord called upon The Arbiter to try to get retribution and arbitration to have the system dealt with, calling upon Abigail and London as the person who teleported her to the Nevernever and representative of the group responsible for the planning of the trap respectively.

The Arbiter decided that the blame should be split since Abigail was the one who chose to take her to the Never Never even if she had little to do with her sister's violent condition.