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Edmund is a successful businessman who uses his wealth and connections to make his impact on Cleveland's supernatural underbelly. He owns A-Amazing Detective Agency which also does research and development on weapons and defenses that are to be used against supernatural threats.

When he comes across a problem he can't control with his money and other resources he has been known to roll up his sleeves and bring his Black Court vampire powers to bear. He may not be a Black Court vampire himself, but he does have some of their abilities of enhanced strength and durability.

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Differences from previous version

Edmund is happily married to the Alpha universe version of Shayna Randell, named Shayna Greymark. She is pregnant with their child.

Edmund runs a chain of restaurants across Cleveland named The Undergrounds. He buys out basements underneath other businesses and has them renovated. One such restaurant is beneath a sketchy thrift store/resale shop that hangs a sign that says "Antiques".


Edmund was one of the party that fought against the new world Black Court vampire at the opening of the campaign. When (a)Allan Montgomery's tank golem was destroyed, Edmund brought Allan's soul pendant to Allan's house and made sure it was returned to Allan's torpid body.

When the group makes a plan to meet (a)Anna Salvatori to find more information about her and London Deels, Edmund comes along to be the link to the Black Court vampires that she thinks she's going to meet. During the meeting Edmund takes the opportunity to make a deal to share weapons and equipment to fight the current New World Black Court vampire threats and help Allan secure a temporary truce.

Shayna started having contractions so Edmund was called to her side but they turned out to be false contractions. She is still close but not there yet.

While Edmund is off attending to Shayna, he hears about his West Side Market location of Undergrounds being attacked. Edmund makes some calls and has the recovery effort moving soon.

When (a)Maxwell and Reppa Pierce go to New Orleans to track down (a)Zelda Sykes, they find a sign on a building saying "Coming Soon, Future Site of The Undergrounds" showing Edmund's company continues to expand.

Between false alarms of weird food orders, Edmund spent much of the next few days preoccupied while healing with his very pregnant wife Shayna.

As of episode 354, Edmund is now the proud father of a baby girl named Layla.

Edmund receives both the "all hands on deck" message to head to head to Allan's home as well as a message to bring another soul gem, similar to the one used to contain Allan's soul.

The more the party learned about the differences in the two universes the more Edmund began to worry about the future of his family. The other people talked about returning the universe to the previous version but Edmund was wary about losing his wife and child.

Edmund received a call from the research and development department of A-Amazing explaining that they were successful in completing their project to develop a device that can look into the past in a specific location. The call was made directly to Edmund so that they didn't need to deal with the fact that the device was likely against one of Allan's magical laws.

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