Alpha Allan

Aspects: Soul Sundered Warden, condemned to protect Cleveland



A wizard of the White Council, Allan Montgomery is pledged to protect the people from supernatural threats. He has taken over the role of Warden of Cleveland after the fall of his mentor (a)Bill Donovan.

After an ill fated battle with a Denarian, Allan's soul was disconnected from his body and then sealed within a necklace so as to save him. While Allan's body wears the necklace he still has all the normal abilities of a living person.

Spoilers! Current Info!

Differences from previous version

Allan was implicated in the crimes of (a)Bill Donovan and being ordered to protect Cleveland is his punishment.


Allan was using his soul pendant to control a tank golem during the initial fight against the black court vampire. After his golem was destroyed during the fight, his necklace was returned to his inert body which returned it to life.

When Allan was reactivated he was called to report to his new superior, (a)Jacob Sanderson who is replacing (a)Valerie Morgan Stewart. During the debriefing Allan was told that a powerful artifact that Donarians would be interested in has gone missing from the white council vault under the salt mine. Jacob told Allan that he has been inducted into Venatori to participate in the investigation. Allan was put in charge of making sure (a)Roberto Martinez honours the temporary truce.

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